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To ensure the success of our customers’ operations, we take seriously the responsibility of providing integrated IT solutions that effectively deal with the ever increasing complexity typifying today end-user environment.

Solutions: Projects

IT Consolidation and Virtualization

Virtualization technology is rapidly transforming the computing landscape by helping IT organizations to significantly increase resource utilization, lower the Total Cost of Ownership of IT infrastructure and minimize the data center energy consumption & footprint. It provides a new level of flexibility and efficiency for implementation of complex activities like data backup and recovery; disaster recovery; server provisioning and centralized management of applications and IT resources to meet business compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our IT Virtualization solutions cover the entire solution life cycle services you will need in implementing your virtual infrastructure . These include :

  • Comprehensive assessment to determine feasibility, objectives, scope and roadmap of a virtualization project

  • full scale physical-to-virtual application migration

  • high availability and disaster recovery solutions

  • back up solutions

  • security management solutions

  • training workshops and ongoing support



With budget constraints, dynamic market demands, skills shortages, capacity challenges and ever-evolving technology, many enterprises are turning to cloud computing.  We understand how to help companies like yours to stay competitive day after day, all while facing challenges of shrinking budgets and tighter profit.

Types of Cloud Computing Services:

  • Platform as a Service – deliver a computing platform and/or solution stack as a service, often consuming cloud infrastructure and sustaining cloud applications.

  • Software as a Service – provide the function of software that would normally have been installed and run on the user's desktop. However, the application is stored on the cloud computing service provider's servers and run through the user's web browser over the Internet.

  • Infrastructure as a Service – delivers computer infrastructure, typically a platform virtualization environment as a service. Rather than purchasing servers, software, data center space or network equipment, clients instead buy those resources as a fully outsourced service. The service is typically billed on a utility computing basis and amount of resources consumed (and therefore the cost) will typically reflect the level of activity.


Data Backup Solution

Virtualization backup

Backup virtualization greatly simplifies the backup process. Once implemented, all backup applications can refer to a single backup target, communicating directly to the backup virtualization appliance. The backup virtualization software handles negotiation between multiple apps sending simultaneous backup jobs.

Physical backup

Backup and Recovery, an essential component of any data protection strategy, protects your organization's critical data and systems against data loss and disasters. Backing up your organization's critical data ensures that your business is always up and running, no matter what. New backup and recovery technology includes virtual machine protection, data deduplication, bare metal recovery, replication, and archiving.

Disaster Recovery

Enable enterprise wide disaster recovery of backup. Our Disaster Recovery solutions make it easy to replicate backup data across locations, improving recovery service-level agreements (SLAs) and reducing business risk.


Server and Storage

Achieve faster response times and lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) with data center and virtualization strategies designed to match your workloads. From storage, networking and servers to software and beyond, our flexible modern architectures span a broad technology portfolio, delivering a distinct advantage over siloed vendors who work inside only a single domain.

  • Meet your specific storage needs from our wide range of solutions.

  • Modern hardware architectures.

  • Innovative software tools

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • Storage Area Network (SAN)


Unified Communication

Unified Communications offers your organization a unique ability to significantly improve individuals, groups and companies interact and perform.  Panther with the world’s leading vendor for networking equipment - Cisco, we have mastered blending together 5 different technologies into a seamless communication solution that helps to remove "Human Latency" in your business process.

The FIVE technologies areas are:

1.IP Telephony;

2.Unified Messaging;

3.Desktop Contact Management;

4.Unified Collaboration and

5.IM & Presence for Multiple Communication Methods.

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